5 easy methods to skyrocket your career & Get yourself a 6 figure salary.

5 easy methods to skyrocket your career & Get yourself a 6 figure salary.

Florida based oJAYo SAP Academy has announced the launch of 5 premium SAP online trainings. Select the Course link below to visit the course detail page:sap crm For additional choices visit oJAYo.com website

• SAP Technology Architect 4-in-1 pack

• SAP Basis


• SAP Security

• SAP Beginner

Precisely what is SAP?

SAP is a premium skillset. Greater than 70% of fortune 500 companies use SAP enterprise software to handle their business processes and it also management.

What exactly is OJAYO SAP ACADEMY ?

Florida based OJAYO academy specializes in premium online training. Each training can enable a specialist to achieve a very focused niche skillset of prime value.

9 reasons why professionals prefer oJAYo.com

1. Best resource on the planet: OJAyo academy will be the leading provider in online training. Demand is huge and ojayo has till date trained 1000's of students. Every single day the premium training website gets 100's of subscribers. sap hana

2. Huge price advantage: online training are usually more value adding and economic in comparison to physical location trainings. As an example to learn a single subject of SAP with one of the previous school training providers, you will have to easily spend 3500. For 4 modules it will be 14000 plus Travel costs plus Hotel plus flight.

a. With oJAYo.com there is a 4 pack deal on offer currently which provides training for 4 SAP modules -- namely SAP Basis, GRC, beginner and Security for just 325. This really is always under 5% costs on the comparison basis.

3. Qualified instructor: OJAYO instructors are highly qualified and carry multiple certifications in PMP, MCSE, CISA, GRC and SAP LINUX etc.

4. Working experience : OJAYO only allows instructors who are certified and has atleast 10 years practical hands on experience in the topic matter

5. All instructions have been in HD quality videos. Very easy and clear to adhere to.

6. Once you subscribe, You might have lifetime usage of videos.

7. All smart products are iphone, more, supported and ipad.

8. The same as classroom you are able to post your queries and they are generally quickly answered.

9. A nicely designed Certificate of completion is distributed for each module offered.

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• SAP low-end Salary chart shown below : Provided listed here are SAP salary levels for any beginner.

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